Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Another view from the north side of the Columbia River gorge near Carson, Washington

Chuang Tau: "Bright Dazzlement asked Nonexistence, 'Sir, do you exist or do you not exist?' Unable to obtain any answer, Bright Dazzlement stared intently at the other's face and form -- all was vacuity and blankness.  He stared all day but could see nothing, listened but could hear no sound, stretched out his hand but grasped nothing.  'Perfect!' exclaimed Bright Dazzlement.  "Who can reach such perfection?  I can conceive of the existence of nonexistence, but not of the nonexistence of nonexistence.  Yet this man has reached the stage of nonexistence of nonexistence.  How could I ever reach such perfection?" (Chapter 22, "Knowledge Wandered North"


Anonymous said...

The non-existence of non-existence. Very interesting. I had not considered that.

am said...

I hadn't considered that either, and I like the idea of the existence of Bright Dazzlement. Maybe a form of atmospheric optics (-: