Saturday, July 15, 2017


"outside the windows" (scroll up the page to read about jarvenpa's life)

One of the first blogs I read and commented at was written by a woman whose blog name was jarvenpa.  She lived in a fairly unpopulated area in Northern California, not all that far from the ocean, in an area that I am familiar with and which is dear to me.  It was dear to her, too.

Just now I learned that she died at age 67 of a heart attack a little over two years ago.  Her last blog post was in the winter of that year.  I didn't get any more updates from her on my blog feed but would visit her blog anyway, wondering why she had stopped posting.  It never occurred to me that she had died.  Her posts had become less frequent.  She had many responsibilities.  A full life.

For some reason, today, I went to her blog again.  For some reason, I clicked on the name of her friend, ocean lady, who told a Buddhist story about a turtle.  I had just read Colleen's Turtle Musings.

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe."
(John Muir)

jarvenpa is dear to me.  She shared her heart with us.  I'm grateful to have known her through blogging and for the connections we all continue to make through our blogs.

"...I’ve stayed up, haunted, through many a long night. And I wouldn’t have missed it. And…well, in the moment, the air is sweet. The bees have gone into their hives for the night. Some I love are dead, some are far from me, but right here the cats are purring, my littlest kid sits with his papa, the dog is smelly and loyal and content, and life goes on. For now, that’s enough."


baili said...

touching and moving post my friend!
you have really beautiful kind heart to love your blogging friend as much and visit her even when she was not posting .
i am moved by your precious sensitive heart and i wish everyone can have ability to love someone as deeply but i know it is not possible ,there are some who are blessed with this ability

37paddington said...

This is so very moving. There are people in this virtual world I have come to love deeply, and I know I will follow them till their last post, and I hope I will not be left wondering how they are. I am touched by your love for jarvenpa. It could not be more real if you had sat in each other's company and shared your hearts. Thank you for your own tender heart.

Anonymous said...

The death of people we get to know only on the internet is a strange experience -a "disembodied death". Years ago, someone I only knew through an email mailing list and corresponded with a lot simply stopped sending emails. I later discovered she'd died.
The discovery bought me up short.

It's not just the internet. I'm a radio amateur and an American ham I chatted with often suddenly dropped off the radar. I googled him after a while and found his obituary. Interestingly, I discovered he had been a very active Republican. His political views were diametrically opposed to my own! However, as hams we were not allowed to discuss politics on air and we got on well.