Friday, April 6, 2018



Sabine said...

We are very fond of Turlough O'Carolan in this family - as are so many other families with Irish ties.
Thank you for this version of one of his early pieces. And of course, also for your pictures and the sounds of the early morning.

Much has been written about O'Carolan and his hard life but I especially cherish the biography "Turlough" by Brian Keenan, an exceptional individual in his own right.

Brian Keenan:
Turlough O'Carolan:

bev said...

Loved hearing the birds and the O'Carolan. I play quite a few of his pieces on my various instruments. There is an uillean pipe player in my area who enjoys playing O'Carolan, and also a classical guitarist who does as well, so that inspires a bit.

am said...

bev -- So good to hear from you at this time and to know that you continue to play your instruments. Music has a mysterious power, doesn't it? I have been playing my autoharp during this time when I don't feel like doing much else. This was the last week of my Richard's life in 2008. I have not had much to say as the 10-year anniversary of his death approaches on April 20. As I have closed my Facebook account, it is wonderful to see that you still visit my blog.

bev said...

hello, am -- I've been in a quiet mode lately. I still visit a few blogs -- yours being one of them -- but don't comment as mush as i should. I should also get back to posting on my blog instead of on FB, but it does take more time to put together blog posts. Perhaps this summer after i get feeling more settled and caught up with life. This past few months have been sort of difficult. Yes, ten years for Don too. It's actually been sort of odd to contemplate -- a decade of carrying on alone. Music is still very much a part of my life. I find it very relaxing to play any of my instruments -- I often lie on the bed playing my tenor banjo in the dark. After a couple of years of not playing the fiddle because I was caring for my mom, I have picked it up again recently, and am helping a friend with their playing once a week. Glad you are still keeping up with your blog. I hope all is going relatively well. I'm doing okay -- just sort of trying to find my place again after being away for well over a year. take care.