Thursday, May 10, 2018


A birthday in May

Bob Dylan Always Had the Right Words to Say Corrina Corrina, Lay down your weary tune When you gonna wake up, Step it up & go Talkin WWIII blues, No time to think Everything is broken, Disease of conceit but Chimes of freedom, Meet me in the morning I shall be released, Cause the times they are a changin As I went out one morning, Tangled up in blue Sign on the window, Blowin in the wind Quit your low down ways, Death is not the end I'll remember you, When the ship comes in Chorus With God on our side, A hard rains a-gonna fall Thunder on the mountain, Like a rolling stone The levee's gonna break, Gotta travel on The gates of eden, Shelter from the storm chorus All along the watchtower, Masters of war Day of the locusts, When the deal goes down Not dark yet, Changing of the guards Paths of victory, Where teardrops fall Bob Dylans blues, Bob Dylans dream I'll keep it with mine, when I paint my masterpiece

(Collage of Bob Dylan song titles by Adelle The Great)

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dritanje said...

I've been enjoying reading your William Stafford posts. I only have 2 poems pinned to a wall in my kitchen and one of them is by W Stafford. It is always good to re read his poems so thank you. And Dylan's words too - of course