Tuesday, February 26, 2019

"... before the last revolving year is through..."

Thank you to Sabine for bringing this heartening photo to my attention:

"...There'll be new dreams, maybe better dreams and plenty ..."

Birds singing in the early morning darkness:


Sabine said...

I love the dawn chorus and I finally managed to wake up in time - or rather the birds now wake me up, very loud blackbirds here. I wish I'd be energetic enough to film it but I just lie there and enjoy. Lazy sod.

Anonymous said...

I will always be grateful that I came of age during the time Joni Mitchell was writing and making the music. Her poetry is a part of my life.

beth coyote said...

red winged blackbirds!!! birds of my childhood, swinging on the cattails

Tara said...

I'll echo Robin's gratitude. Joni helped me navigate the rocky years of teen-hood and twenties. And, I'm also glad that she has her painting as well as her music. They went hand in hand for decades, and now she is left, still, with her painting. Love the photo of her and Hockney. Immigrants, both.

Your bird songs are wonderful. We have a pond on the property and at night the songs of the frogs are almost - almost - deafening!