Friday, March 6, 2020

"To Fall In Love With You" / Mandala #46 (No Title. Yet.)

Here's the first mandala I've completed this year.  I started it in mid-November of last year.  I've decided not to buy another printer/scanner and instead have my art work scanned at a local graphics company and have them print anything else I need to have printed.  I need to be creative with my limited income, as I am living on just under $1000/month since I retired in October 2017.  My needs are few.  For the time being, I can only show you what my digital camera can capture, photographed in the light of this overcast day on my porch.  This is my 46th mandala since I started this series in September 2014.  I don't have a title for it.  Yet.

when asked if you care about
the world's problems, look deeply
into the eyes of he that asks
you, he will not ask you again. 

(Bob Dylan, 1964, from "Advice For Geraldine On Her Miscellaneous Birthday")

As I was about to click on "Publish," I looked out the window and saw this beautiful afternoon light to the east:


ellen abbott said...

I do love your mandalas and that is a lovely sky.

Anonymous said...

Love the song and the mandala. So beautiful.

Tara said...

This series of photos are marvelous -- I don't know that I've ever seen Bob smile so much or look so happy. He also looks about 13 years old! You must know a lot about this period in his life -- I will look it up and see what I can find.

Your mandalas always amaze me with their beauty and complexity. Thank you for sharing this one, and that lovely sky.

Sending hugs across the miles.

37paddington said...

Such gifts in this post, your beautiful mandala, the light in your sky, you. xo

My life so far said...

Stay healthy my friend.