Sunday, April 19, 2020

Always walking home / Not alone

Your feet will bring you to where your heart is.

An áit a bhfuil do chroí is ann a thabharfas do chosa thú. 

(Irish proverb)

The quote came to my attention on April 2, the first day I had the energy to take a walk since the COVID-19 situation brought so much uncertainty to so many.  I've been waiting for the right time to share it.  A few days ago I noticed that my Abutilon had taken the shape of a heart.  Tomorrow is the day R died in 2008.  Last night I dreamed again that I was walking home after having been far from home.  I saw many people that I didn't know but felt I could trust.  There was a young man riding a horse in the same direction I was going.  When I spoke to the young man, the horse disappeared.  The young man told me he was feeling vulnerable and could not say much but that he was a good listener.  I didn't have much to say either, for the same reason.  At the end of the dream, I saw one person I recognized but wasn't sure I could trust her.  I took the risk of telling her about my vulnerability.  After she listened to me for a few moments, I woke up from the dream wondering if I had made a mistake in admitting my vulnerability to her in a way that undermined the strength I do have.

Our hearts are heavy with so many voices silenced by death.  The human heart can only stand so much alone.  We are not alone anymore.

We are people walking home together.

(The above image, "Family Traveling At Night," was drawn by me in 2005, using my index finger as a "pencil" on my iBookG4 track pad and the Appleworks6 "Painting" function)


beth coyote said...

What a wonderful post. Thank you.

Elizabeth said...

Such a beautiful post -- and your heart-shaped abutilon. There are no accidents!

ellen abbott said...

seems like your dream is just reflecting reality right now.everyone feels vulnerable and you felt you could trust the people keeping distance but mistrusted the person who got close.

Anonymous said...

Walking home together...I so want to live in that world. I am reminded of this poem by Gary Snyder, For The Children.

The rising hills, the slopes,
of statistics
lie before us,
the steep climb
of everything, going up,
up, as we all
go down.

In the next century
or the one beyond that,
they say,
are valleys, pastures,
we can meet there in peace
if we make it.

To climb these coming crests
one word to you, to
you and your children:

stay together
learn the flowers
go light

Tara said...

So many things coming together at once. And much to ponder in your dream. We are feeling so vulnerable right now -- because we are! I've always like the saying by Ram Dass, "We're all just walking each other home."

Be well, friend.

Colette said...

Thinking of you with love. I'm always here to walk with you. I think we are going in the same direction!

37paddington said...

So beautiful, this reminder that we are all walking each other home. Let’s hold hands across space. ♥️