Monday, April 13, 2020

Come walk with me / Walkin' down the line

After having no energy for walking for most of this social distancing time, the beautiful weather in the last few days encouraged me to begin my spring and early summer pattern of walking up to the top of the hill where I live and home again.  On the first day I went without face covering but realized that without face covering, I couldn't risk foot trails or the narrow under-the-road tunnel.  Bellingham is a walking and biking town with access to a network of trails in every neighborhood.  Throughout my walk I saw people of all ages, about half of them wearing face coverings, everyone maintaining social distance, many on bikes, many with dogs.  There was an abundance of smiling and waving and hellos.

Walking up the street through my neighborhood I saw this.

Here's a view of downtown Bellingham from part way up the hill.  What look like mountains to the west are islands in the Salish Sea.

At the highest point on the hill I can see the Canadian Cascades.

Walking out of Northridge Park into the hillside neighborhood for a block or so, there is an unobstructed view of the Canadian Cascades.

Walking back down the hill.

Crossing the street because I am not wearing face covering and the under-the-road tunnel is narrow.

The under-the-road tunnel.

Down the hill.

I stop, assuming that Big Rock Garden is closed, but it isn't.

The photo above shows a solitary redwood tree that is dear to me.

From this vantage point on our hill, we can see the next hill to the south which is where Western Washington University is located.  When I walked home down this street on Sunday, the air was so clear that the mountain range on the Olympic Peninsula could be seen in exquisite detail, but I didn't take my camera for that walk.

Almost home.

My door is to the left.

Later.  Oboe sleeping in the sunshine on my porch.

Mandala #47 finished.  

Ready to begin Mandala #48.

Today just before 6 p.m. in 2008 was the last time I saw R before he died.  In those last few days before R died, I felt that June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash were close by in spirit, understanding fully what I was experiencing and giving me courage. 

Sending love near and far.


Sabine said...

That was a wonderful to walk. Thank you for this. I shall do this again later today.

ellen abbott said...

you live in a beautiful place. love the big rock garden. it is flat flat flat here on the Gulf Coast Plains but we can see for miles and have a big sky.

Friko said...

A lovely walk with glorious views. I followed you in spirit.

Anonymous said...

I love this walk with you so much. It's beautiful. I felt like I was there, keeping my distance, and yet right beside you. Thank you for all of it. Makes me want to move back to the great northwest. Thank you.

Tara said...

Quite a beautiful walk. I love how lush and green Bellingham is. The rock garden is spectacular.

Looking back at those we loved and lost is such sweet sadness. Nothing quite touches it, even after many years. Sending my love to you.

37paddington said...

Thank you for taking me on your walk, the views were lovely, the air fresh and healing. And what a lovely project the painted stones are! You make me want to create an urban one for around here. I just might do it, too. Hugs.

dritanje said...

Lovely photographs of places near your home. Your mandala is another one of great beauty, and inspiration.

Vagabonde said...

I enjoyed your walk in your beautiful landscape. After being in the house for 37 days now, it’s lovely to look at mountains. I also enjoyed the two videos you posted on John Prine. We are desolate here in Nashville about his passing. I also wrote about him in my post.