Saturday, June 27, 2020

To Point Whitehorn and home again


Several friends had told me that Point Whitehorn is a magical place that can now be visited fairly easily.  In recent days, I have longed to be by salt water again and so I arranged to meet a friend at the trailhead yesterday.  There is a 3/4 mile trail through a lush forest of mixed evergreens and deciduous trees, filled with summer birdsong.  As the winding trail meets with the bluffs, there are spectacular lookouts and finally a set of wooden stairs down to the narrow beach with its glacial erratics,  cobblestones,  massive driftwood and an abundance of shelters created out of smaller pieces of driftwood.  The morning was windy and cool but not uncomfortably so.  Only a few people had come to walk on the beach and look out at the expanse of salt water with islands in the distance.  My friend and I talked through our masks  This is only the third time I have arranged to get together with a friend since March, although I have talked at a safe social distance with friends and neighbors when I go out walking in my neighborhood.  Point Whitehorn is a 30-minute drive from my home.  My friend lives close to Point Whitehorn.

Looking north

Looking south

Looking up to see one of the many Bald Eagles

Returning home to where I continue to shelter in place, missing the presence of Oboe after having her lovely company for the past 15 years

I know I'll be returning to Point Whitehorn again and again.  Beginning with my childhood in California, I have found shelter in the beauty of our mother earth.

Be safe.  Be well.  Be loved.

By going and coming, a bird weaves its nest.
-- African (Ashanti)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Looks like such a lovely place to hike around. Reminds me of our time in Port Townsend. When I saw the photo of your living room I thought of Oboe.

ellen abbott said...

I spent most of weekends and summers on a beach between about 12 and my early 20s. then I spent 10 years on rivers. I hardly ever go to the beach these days even though it's only an hour away but I do love it when I do. this time of year it's just too damn hot.

My life so far said...

Beautiful photos. We won't get out to the coast this year and I'll miss it.

Sabine said...

That was a wonderful trip to the seaside. It looks very similar to the eastern coastline in County Wexford, Ireland, especially Clone Beach and Courtown, an area where many of Colm Toinbin's novels are located, he is a wonderful and revered Irish novelist, and where R spent many summer holidays in a caravan.

Tara said...

your video of the beach makes me realize how much I miss oceans and bays! The smell of salt water and all those negative ions -- true heaven!

Missing a dear companion is so terribly hard. I wish your darling Oboe was still with you. Sending hugs to your lonely heart.

37paddington said...

I'm so sorry about Oboe. Slowly we are resuming our social connections, masked and distanced, but physically present with one another once more. Sending love.