Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Mandala #52 / Zhenni Li Cohen and Matthew Cohen / Female Downy Woodpecker

Just now I was able to finish Mandala #52 while listening to Zhenni Li Cohen and Matthew Cohen.   There is an interview with Zhenni and Matthew at 31:16, during the intermission.  I'm inspired by this young couple who are passionate about playing music and about each other.

For the first time ever, I have been able to show you a new mandala in its true colors!  Until today, I have not been satisfied with the way my camera registers the colors in my mandalas.  As an idle experiment, I photographed my most recently completed mandala in the natural light that is coming through my windows on this stormy coastal Pacific Northwest day.  Although the result was somewhat washed out, the colors were surprisingly accurate, and so I went into my MacBook Pro's photo editing function and found that I could bring the colors up to what I had always wished for!

Although I was not consciously making a Star of David, that is what appeared as I worked on the mandala in my usual intuitive manner that is something like jazz improvisation.  In  the center of the mandala I had drawn a small blue triangle and was simply working from the center outward, playing with the possibilities that occurred to me, when I realized I had made a rolling Star of David.  

As of today, I've completed six mandalas this year and have started working on Mandala #53.  Who knows?  I just may complete twelve in time to make a calendar for 2021.


Yesterday I looked up and became aware of a female Downy Woodpecker for the first time.  She stayed at the feeder long enough for me to find my camera and get numerous images of her through my window.  This was the best image.   The red-topped males are frequent visitors at my feeder.  The female has her own beauty.


Sabine said...

Oh yes please, I would love a calendar!

Anonymous said...

The mandala is so beautiful. I hope you do make a calendar. I would love one as well.
Love seeing that Downy Woodpecker there.
BTW, I just discovered some of the photo editing tools on my MacBook as well. I had been using some of them, but hadn't seen the drop down menu under the Light options. It's almost as good as Photoshop!

ellen abbott said...

the star of David is an old symbol. if I remember correctly, the up point triangle represent male and the downward pointing triangle female and the two together represent perfectly balanced opposites or equality, the most desired state.