Saturday, November 21, 2020

"... The seeds remembered the land they came from ..." / Mandala #51: Something Happened / Listening / November Light / Surprise


I wish my old friend, Deven, were still alive and could hear her only nephew play the viola so beautifully.  He reminds me so much of her.

My chrysanthemum waited until this week to surprise me with two flowers.


Anonymous said...

Lovely music, beautiful mandala, and awesome cloud. It's always wonderful to be surprised by a flower blooming.

ellen abbott said...

love the mandala.

Sabine said...

When I looked at your latest mandala, I was struck by the similarities to the new windows created by Gerhard Richter as a gift to a small monastery (St.Mauritius Abby in Tholey, Germany) - not to be confused with his windows at Cologne cathedral.

Here are some links:

This is the Cologne cathedral window:

am said...

Sabine -- Thank you so much for these links and your observation about the similarities. Those monastery windows move me. They led me to this in the New York Times from March 2020:

"That remains true even at this final celebration, and with every pass of the squeegee, he has modeled how an artist can create in the face of doubt, face down the fear of wrongness, mistrust oneself and still fight on.

That is the priceless example he offers today’s young artists, whose every mistake or hesitation gets pounced on by digital Savonarolas. So much dogmatism out there, so much high-volume moralizing. The voice we need to hear is the voice that says: I don’t know. I’m not sure. I’m still thinking. I’m still working."

Rebecca Solnit's essay comes to mind.