Monday, December 14, 2020

Something I need to share with R today

"Grandson, I want to shake your hand.  That was pretty damn powerful what you just did."
(Elder speaking to Supaman)

This is where R and I met on December 14, 1966, when we were 17 years old.  None of the buildings you see were there then.  The only building there in 1966 was the old Miramar Hotel which burned down not long after I met R.

Supaman reminds me of you, R.  What I see in him is what I saw in you from the beginning.


Colette said...

Love endures. So long. So much. I'm holding you close to my heart.

37paddington said...

Love never dies. I truly believe you will be united again. Hugs.

My life so far said...

I dislike hip-hop music but when I listened to that young man, wow, he was amazing. And what an amazing dancer. I'm guessing R was an amazing young man before war changed him forever.