Wednesday, March 10, 2021

"... He just loved food ..."

Many of you have seen this crayon drawing before.  I remember making it when I was 5 years old.  One of my favorite foods when I was 5 years old was zwieback. Yesterday I started Mandala #58, holding a red-violet Faber-Castell Polychromos pencil in my non-dominant hand, borrowing the palette of colors I used at 5 years old -- light orange, dark purple, dark blue, and red violet.  Later in the day I came across a story written for school when I was 7 years old in 1957.  We had been given a list of words and assigned to write a story using all the words on the list.

The Lazy Horse

Once there was a lazy horse.  He just sat in a field and thought.  He loved to sleep.  He was asleep all day.  And he lived most of his life in a barn.  There was one time he was awake.  That was when he had food.  He just loved to roll round and round his stall.  One thing he did was to try to nip flies.  When his master came in the barn to feed him he jumped and jumped.  So he could have his food faster.  He usually did get his food first too.  He just loved food.  If he didn't get it, he kicked and bucked in his stall.  One day the man sat in a seat and thought.  Just then he got a good idea.  He jumped up and ran to the telephone and called a man who wanted horses.  The lazy horse was thinking.  Was he going to be sold to someone?  The next day a man came to look at him.  The lazy horse heard him say, “I might pay a good price for him.”  This made him sad.  Was he really going to be sold?  The man came in his stall and made him take a step.  Out he came.  He was taken to where the man lived and left there.  He just sat and sat for eight hours.

The next afternoon he made so much noise that the man sold him back.  Now the owner was happy.  He had missed the Lazy Horse.

The End


Anonymous said...

I so love this drawing and story. How wonderful that you have both. Such creativity and thoughtfulness at a young age. Makes me wish I had some of the little poems I wrote when I was in elementary school. Thank you for posting this.

Tara said...

You had the talent way back then. My mother saved some of my drawings and little books I wrote, also probably around 7 or 8 years old. I think I posted them on my blog. I loved that your work/play was saved and that you can enjoy all these years later, and so can we.

Sabine said...

Oh I remember these writing tasks! This is a wonderful story and how great to read that you love(d) zwieback!

Carruthers said...

I like the way you worked a twist into the end of the story! It could be 'fleshed out' into a kid's book. It's the sort of thing that's easier to dream up if you're a kid than if you're an adult and would appeal to kids.

Kim S. said...

There's a deep lesson in that story. So glad you have iti and shared. Thank you. Kim in PA