Sunday, May 2, 2021

Lekhavidasana pose (Drawing Pose or A Question For The Teacher pose)


Occasionally, I look at my Blogger "Stats."  Always, when looking at the "Stats," I wonder who has recently visited my posts that go as far back as 2006.  Sometimes, I click on the post to see what it was that I posted, having little or no recollection when I look at the title of the post and the thumbnail image.  Often, when I do this, I am rewarded with something didn't realize I needed to revisit.  Today it was this post that led me to think again about drawing regularly and led to finding the following images that were drawn using the trackpad on my computer.  There used to be something called Appleworks6 on my first laptop, an ibookG4 that had a "drawing" and "painting" function.  Until I wore out my fingers and hands while drawing on the trackpad, I enjoyed that process.  I had forgotten how many images I had made using Appleworks6.  Here is a sampling:

Because of the pain involved when I drew on the trackpad on a regular basis, I'm not likely to do that much again except everyone once in a while because I really like what I was able to create in that way.

This photo is a beautiful reflection of my mood this May.  No longer blinded by what begins to feel like too much light or terrified of the shadows that haunted me for so many years.


Joared said...

That is a lovely photo — interesting cloud formations.

dritanje said...

The black cat underneath the starry Plough is perfect. Sometimes I look at old posts and don't remember writing them at all and I read them as if written by someone else, which is an odd sensation.