Monday, July 12, 2021

Winged summer visitors / Murmuration / Aoife O'Donovan

Northern Flicker feeding a young one who soon
after makes the mistake of bumping into my
window before flying away


Hummingbird and Salvia


One needs to see this full screen and  then look very 
closely for the starling murmuration at the beginning 
of this video.  Toward the end I zoomed in, making 
it somewhat easier to see the small murmuration.  In 
the last few seconds of filming, I heard the whirring 
sound of a hummingbird and looked up and was startled
to see a hummingbird directly in front of me.  One can
see the equally startled hummingbird flying away at the 
end of the video.  This is the second morning in a row
 that I have looked out my east-facing window and seen
a murmuration and one of many mornings in the past 
week when a hummingbird has flown close to me as 
I stood on my porch, both of us looking around in the 
early morning.


When the universe is silent we listen with great pleasure to a bird that suddenly sings.
-- Hong Zicheng


Anonymous said...

Loved the videos. I did feel bad for that little Northern flicker. Window-hits can be pretty hard on them. I hope it's okay.
We've seen murmurations here at the marsh. Quite a stunning sight.

Pixie said...

You live in heaven. It's so beautiful

Colette said...

You live in such a beautiful place. So peaceful and green. That was quite the fat and happy little hummingbird. I had to look up the meaning of murmuration. Now I know!

Sabine said...

Everything in this post is a treat. Thank you!

37paddington said...

What a view!

dritanje said...

Great treats to see these videos, especially, for me, the hummingbird, as they don't visit here in the UK. I have a host of starlings living in my hedge, and they often fly in their flocks round and about, especially if I walk down the garden path and disturb them! (So I often leave the house the back way, via a new tree plantation and a path through a field, to the road.)