Saturday, August 14, 2021

"... you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone ..."

Sitting inside with the air cleaner on, along with an air conditioner, what came to mind was Joni Mitchell's song that I first heard in April 1970 when I was 20 years old.  Turning to YouTube, I found this cover that I love, posted in the last few days.  

The unhealthy air due to fires is teaching me to appreciate being able to go outside and breathe fresh air -- one of the simple joys of life that is not available for the time being.





PM2.5 concentration in Bellingham air is currently 3 times above WHO exposure recommendation.

This is an improvement from yesterday's 9 times above but fire season is not over and continues to jeopardize the health of countless sentient beings throughout the world.

It is occurring to me that when I left the San Francisco Bay Area late in the summer of 1973, there were days when the air quality was not all that different from what I am experiencing today.  In those days, the source of the pollution was not smoke from fires.  Much of the air pollution from 1974 is gone from the west coast of the United States, but now we are dealing with a form of unhealthy air that is beyond control and is world-wide, affecting environments where other forms of compromised air are minimal or non-existent.

Living in a world where smoke-free air cannot be promised is sobering, to say the least.  So much that can no longer be taken for granted.  

Is it ever a good idea to take something or anything for granted?  


Anonymous said...

You remind me of when my family first moved to California from New Jersey in 1970. The air in southern California was so smoggy (remember the days of smog!l), that our eyes teared everyday. it was unbelievable how bad the air was. Yes, we somehow got the smog under control, but these smoky summers are really challenging in every way. Stay safe there, am.
Not a good idea to take anything for granted, especially not our one and only beautiful earth.

ellen abbott said...

I read another blog by a woman who lives in Bellingham. She's been posting pictures of the orange sky and red sun. hope your air clears soon.

Colette said...

"Is it ever a good idea to take something or anything for granted?" I don't think so.