Wednesday, February 2, 2022

He's an artist, he don't look back / Groundhog Day


Last night I dreamed that I was at the Pacific Ocean again.  This is that recurring dream where the ocean isn't far from where I live now.  It was as if I had just forgotten how close it was.  I never forget how good it feels to be at the ocean.  It's been some time since I had that dream.  It's a reassuring dream.

Later in the dream there was a long low bridge over a tranquil body of water.  There was about three feet of packed snow and ice covering the roadway.  We were busy shoveling the snow off the bridge.  It was going to take a while, but we were making significant progress.  There were enough of us working together to get the job done.  We weren't expecting any more snow.  It wasn't all that cold outside.


Today I got a call from the autoharp repair shop, letting me know that they had begun working on my autoharp and had noted that the autoharp is beginning to warp and needs reinforcement, which will cost another $50.  I'm excited in a way I haven't been excited in a long time, knowing that it won't be long before I have an autoharp that is optimally playable.  



Elizabeth said...

I have a friend who played the autoharp -- it's a sound that I haven't listened to in ages. Maybe you can record yourself and post it here?

37paddington said...

You play the autoharp! Somehow I did not know this. I hope you will share it with us, as Elizabeth suggests.