Saturday, April 2, 2022

"I got saved by the beauty of the world" (Mary Oliver) with Update (-:

The Tower of Blue Horses, by Franz Marc

From Franz Marc's Blue Horses, by Mary Oliver

I step into the painting of the four blue horses. 

I am not even surprised that I can do this.

This is what I listened to today.

This is what I hear at night with my windows open:

Just for fun.  Bob Dylan singing "Froggie Went a Courtin":

At Scudder Pond, the frogs wake up first and then the birds.  Listen for the ducks.


ellen abbott said...

Nature's music.

Linda said...

For some reason, as a child, the froggers made me happy. In my new hope I was delighted to find that we had quite a few singing to me at night. The delight of my childhood still lingers.

Sabine said...

Love the frogs!