Thursday, May 5, 2022

Mystery and Illumination and the Women of the United States


Has anyone ever seen something like this before?  While walking in Big Rock Garden, I stopped to look at what has appeared to be a dead Japanese maple tree among many thriving Japanese maples.  I keep hoping that it is not dead.  Hoping once again to see signs of life in the tiny tree, I was startled to see a strange motionless insect at the top of it.  It was under an inch in length. 



Beyond all reason is the mystery of love.

Thaddeus Golas


Continuing my walk through Big Rock Garden


If the Women of the United States rather than the Supreme Court were to be the ones to make such a decision through a vote, the majority of women would not vote to overturn Roe vs Wade.   Four male judges and one woman judge are not the appropriate ones to put major governmental restrictions on abortion and yet they have that power.  

My gut feeling is that those Supreme Court judges don't have the power to keep women from having safe affordable abortions.  If Roe vs Wade is overturned, courageous women and men will take great personal risks to make sure that safe abortions continue to be available to all women who choose to have them, whether those women can afford them or not.  

I am remembering my freshman year in college in 1967, when birth control pills were available if a woman told a doctor she was engaged to be married.  At that time, abortions were illegal in the United States.  A woman in my circle of friends became pregnant at the same time she lost her virginity and went to Mexico for a safe but expensive abortion.  We weren't all that far from Mexico but few women could afford that option.

After nearly 50 years of women having safe and affordable abortions, I foresee women continuing to choose to have the safe and affordable abortions that will continue to be available, no matter what the Supreme Court decides.  You may say I'm a dreamer and that's okay.  I'm sickened by this turn of events, among many events that I never thought would come to pass, but I am not without hope for the women and men in generations to come throughout the world.


NewRobin13 said...

That is such an interesting and beautiful insect. I think it could be a hummingbird moth. I googled hummingbird with proboscis and the photos look very much like what you photographed. How incredibly cool! Great shot.
I had two friends get pregnant while in high school in the late 1960s. I remember how difficult it was for them to get an abortion. One actually had to wear a blindfold while being driven to the place where the abortion was done. The other had to leave the country. Abortions will still happen no matter what the insane Supreme Court does, we just want them to be safe. Oh these times we're living .

Anonymous said...

Let us all hear, hear!

I cannot for the life of me understand why professionals in the medical field and the church are not speaking the truth of life. No one mentions the truth of life. When I worked labor and delivery, a child was considered living when it inhaled and exhaled for the first time. The moment was listed on the birth certificate as "time of birth."

Christians seem to forget their own God says He breathes the breath of life into our lungs. Check this out:

A human is considered dead when they no longer breathe. SMH. And if life is so precious, why do men go to war? Did the same God not say, "You shall not kill." SMH even harder.

ellen abbott said...

There's so much speculation on Twitter about how states that plan to outlaw abortion also plan to track women's periods (most of which violate HIPAA, or track who buys over the counter pregnancy tests, how every spontaneous miscarriage will be investigated, etc. My first year of college (1968-1969) had a health clinic and the doctor would prescribe birth control but not before a lecture. I told him I was having sex and I needed the birth control pills. What would your mother think if she knew he asked me. I told him that she'd be even more unhappy if I turned up pregnant.

Pixie said...

It seems odd and hypocritcial that republicans who seem so found of freedoms, don't want women to have the freedom to choose. Wankers.

Anonymous said...

To have hope Is a revolutionary act. Thank you for yours.

Anonymous said...

It’s me, 37paddington, by the way. Forgot to identify myself. Blogger is forcing me to comment as anonymous lately. Oy.