Friday, May 27, 2022

Reclaim / Searching for a way to channel the pure energy of my own anger and despair toward something more powerful



(May 2022 calendar page by Nikki McClure)


Toward something powerful that all human beings are born with.


Sabine said...

Today I listened to a podcast where a criminal defence lawyer spoke about some of his hardest cases, the need to stand by even the worst criminal and when he was asked how he could do this, considering the atrocious deeds of his clients, he replied that he always believes that the good in life wins, no matter how insignificant it may seems at the time.

ellen abbott said...

This country should have been divided long long ago and perhaps it will eventually happen when the US finally implodes in a hail of gunfire.

Colette said...

I'm so tired of the hate.

Joared said...

Will we ever move beyond all this to expend our energy on more positive aspects of living?