Friday, December 23, 2022

Rerun: December 23, 2006 / Ghost amaryllis, beginnings of Mandala #75 (non-dominant hand series), and snowy view from my porch on December 23, 2022

(Update note:  I made a mistake.  This is what I posted on my blog on December 24, 2006)


December 23, 2022

When I checked my hall closet to see how my amaryllis bulbs were doing under their black plastic bucket, I found these ghostly leaves.  One year, a ghost amaryllis bud grew in the dark.

The beginnings of Mandala #75


Getting ready to go out and check the mail.

By tomorrow, all this snow may be gone, as the temperature rises to the 40s.  Rain is predicted until at least January 6 with night temperatures staying just above freezing.


Colette said...

I'm excited about the amaryllis. Please keep us posted with its progress. Do you think amaryllis have gender?

NewRobin13 said...

It really is crazy cold there. We're in for a deluge of a rainstorm here too. Supposed to go on for days.
Take care there, stay warm and Happy Holidays to you, am!

am said...

Good question, Colette!

Happy Holidays, Robin! Good to know you and Roger are safe and warm.