Sunday, February 26, 2023

February 26, 2023: Another mysterious left-handed mandala / Reruns: January 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 2007 ("The heart forgives when it accepts and acknowledges conflict without blame.")

These mandalas are on white Bristol board, but the white background on Blogger is a much brighter white.  Maybe they will look more white when I get them professionally scanned.


After the Fire” 

You ever think you could cry so hard
that there’d be nothing left in you, like
how the wind shakes a tree in a storm
until every part of it is run through with
wind? I live in the low parts now, most
days a little hazy with fever and waiting
for the water to stop shivering out of the
body. Funny thing about grief, its hold
is so bright and determined like a flame,
like something almost worth living for.






With music from 1988:


Colette said...

Outstanding mandalas. I'm intrigued by the complexity of the first one. Will you paint it, or leave it black and white?

am said...

Thank you, Colette! The only color in these mandalas is the circle which is drawn with my right hand with colored pencil. I did use a grey pen to do a little bit of shading in both recent mandalas. Color may come later but for now I'm happy with mostly black and white.

Sabine said...

Very intriguing mandalas. I wonder what will happen here next?

37paddington said...

Beautiful mandalas, and gorgeous calendar art, too. That quote about grief is stunning.