Monday, February 26, 2007

Calendar Series: 35th Month / Morning with Three Suns (1988)

I am not aware of having Finnish ancestors but had heard about a Finnish word "sisu," which I understood to mean "perseverance." 

Thinking about the words from the I-Ching, "perseverance furthers" and about traveling countless times on California Coast Highway 1, I imagined a morning with three suns. There was a physical sun, an emotional sun and a sunlight of the spirit, all shining at once. 

Funny where the mind goes. I wasn't thinking of My Three Sons, although that television show, which debuted in 1960 when I was 10 years old, entered my mind this morning. As I recall, it was a situation comedy about a widower with three sons. There was an older man who took the role of "mother." I can hear the voice announcing the show and see the three sons appearing one by one from behind a wall, followed by the family dog: MY - THREE - SONS - WOOF!


When I painted this image, I was a million miles down the road from the 10-year-old girl who sat with her mother and father and two younger sisters in front of a television set and watched people acting out a family which appeared to be very unlike my own.

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