Wednesday, April 2, 2008


While searching for a poem or song to go with this flower, I heard one of my neighbors shout to his dog, "Cosmo!" My cat, Oboe, woke up, stood up and looked out the window. So I looked up the meaning of "cosmo" and found:

Greek, kosmos -- order, form, arrangement, the world or universe.

May soon be traveling to Northern California to visit with my old friend in the ICU at the VA Hospital. Thanks to all who have been stopping by here. I am having a hard time staying in the present.

Four things, among many, that have been helpful:

Stroke of Insight

How do you know?

Scroll down to hear Mavis Staples sing "Have A Little Faith"

Facing Death and Finding Hope


R.L. Bourges said...


Dawn said...

holy crap that was incredible to read the story of the drs stroke. OMG! amazing.

safe journey to N Calif, in body and mind.

Dale said...


jarvenpa said...

Gabe sends happy wishes to you.
I love the flower. There's a pup who was born in my bookstore some years ago who lives in your region, whose name is Cosmo. It would be fitting if your neighbor's dog were in fact that little one grown up.