Friday, April 25, 2008


Just want to thank all for thoughtful and much-appreciated blog comments since my old friend died on April 20. Still feeling disoriented but not alone. His sister and brother-in-law mailed the portable wooden easel he used for painting while he was at the VA hospital and two paintings he did after his stroke, one titled "The Forest Floor" and the other "Plant My Heart." It's too early to share these here.

42 years is a long time to have loved someone. Feeling gratitude for the love that continues after death.

("Woman With Her Hands Full" -- gouache, watercolor and pastel, from the early 1980s, by Old Girl Of The North Country)


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robin andrea said...

The love that continues after death... Yes, that's the thing that keeps our hearts full of gratitude too. Thinking of you.

Dawn said...

42 years is a long time, peace be with you today