Sunday, November 23, 2008


Last night I dreamed that I finally found a job -- harvesting carrots that were drifting in with the tide on a steep ocean beach in the winter sunshine. Some of the carrots were the size of telephone poles. Not a problem. I worked hard. I worked alone, feeling strong and healthy and useful. Grateful to be employed.

As I was going up the hill on my way home from my daily walk in Whatcom Falls Park this morning, I remembered the dream. It cheered me up.

I've felt off balance since Veteran's Day and have been experiencing two physical symptoms that show that I am feeling deep distress -- my skin itches and I have a stiff neck. My hands have been getting numb at night again, most likely the result of having been trying to increase my typing speed in hopes of being employed as a medical transcriptionist. Folly?

I'm feeling discouraged and at the same time encouraged by my funny hopeful dream.

"How can I be useful, of what service can I be? There is something inside me, what can it be?"
(Vincent van Gogh, 1853-1890)


Dale said...

I can't believe someone so talented won't be scooped in soon!

Have you looked for trigger points in the forearms? Speed-typing can wreak havoc on the extensors. & the stiff neck muscles might be clamping down on the nerves that supply the hands. (Okay, I do have a bee in my bonnet about the usefulness of self-massage :->)

Loren said...

I think it's a very good sign that you can actually remember your dreams after you've woken up, am. :-)

Isn't there something in your yoga practice that will help you relax your arms and hands?

am said...

Dale and Loren -- Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate the suggestions. I got out my copy of THE TRIGGER POINT THERAPY WORKBOOK. My yoga practice has diminished since I've been studying and typing, although I've been doing much more walking in the woods. Some restorative yoga would surely help as does a sense of humor!

robin andrea said...

Happy Thanksgiving, am. Wishing you a very fine, bright day of good cheer.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dale - you are so talented that it's just a matter of time until you find work that is worthy of what you have to offer.
Happy thanksgiving, am.