Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The true end of a war is the rebirth of life;
the right to die peacefully in your own bed.
The true end of war is the end of fear;
the true end of war is the return of laughter.
(Alfredo Molano)

It must have been in 2006 when I was in the midst of a yoga pose and began to shake with unexpected laughter. With the war in Iraq far from over, my inner war was showing the first signs of a true end.

Looking up this morning at the clouds and the blue sky:

("Kids Wish," drawn by am, using a IBookG4 trackpad and Appleworks "painting" program, in August of 2006)


Dale said...

Amen. xoxo

The Solitary Walker said...

Laughter is good!

Leon's current assignment said...

Kids wish fish would smile back.

Oh, this went very deep for me. Poignant, sad.

This simple statement and imagery captures an essence I've encountered when working with children in therapy. It holds for adults too.

And it's interesting to me that I had to keep going back to check if your word was "could" or "would". Very different implications of meaning indeed.

Thanks for this. I loved it.

~ Wendy

am said...

Dale, Solitary Walker and Wendy -- Thanks for stopping by!