Saturday, May 30, 2009


"Most of us arrive at a sense of self and vocation only after a long journey through alien lands. But this journey bears no resemblance to the trouble-free 'travel packages' sold by tourism industry. It is more akin to the ancient tradition of pilgrimage -- a transformative journey to a sacred center, full of hardships, darkness and peril." (quote from LET YOUR LIFE SPEAK: LISTENING FOR THE VOICE OF VOCATION by Parker J. Palmer (2000) -- author of THE COURAGE TO TEACH) (Above is one of my trackpad drawings from 2005, made on an iBookG4 using the Apple "Painting" program.)


Zhoen said...


WV- imordip. A dip in the imordial soup?

Loren said...

Mindblowing changes goin' on?

Wasn't sure where I had arrived, particularly when the Taj Mahal song disappeared.

It's all good. The sun is shining again.

gleaner said...

I really like this quote and your print.

mum said...

what gleaner said

( btw: the best trick for making your way in the dark? move with your eyes shut. I'm serious.)

Bonne continuation, am.

Anonymous said...

little steps. like the quote and the white on the black, calls to mind Snyder this week, his work, the integrity of authentic work in combination with the guts to do it.kjm