Saturday, August 8, 2009


Earlier this summer, I noticed a small shelter at the side of the trail through Northridge Woods. It's much like the shelters constructed with driftwood that we used to see on the ocean beaches in Northern California. A person could sleep there during the summer.

One has to duck down to enter from the trail side, which is visible above. The forest side has a larger opening. The shelter appears to have been there for a long time although the trail through the woods was created only in the last few years.


mum said...

Had I seen this as a child, I would have projected myself as the inhabitant of this shelter, living alone in the woods with all my friends, the animals (no, don't ask: the food would have appeared at regular hours delivered by none other than the animals, I'm sure. :-)

Beautiful and evocative, am.


Chelle said...

this is beautiful