Sunday, September 20, 2009


During the years when I was out of touch with Richard, he would visit me in my dreams. In one dream, he was as happy as I'd ever seen him. He wanted to show me an large unusual box-shaped musical instrument that was inlaid with wood. For each instrument that would be in a symphony orchestra, there was wood from a different tree. He pointed to a particularly beautiful wood inlay, looked at me in delight and said, "Oboe."


Anonymous said...

1) unusual, boxed-shaped instrument made of striped wood here:

2) 1st movement Mozart Oboe Concerto here:

3) my best to you, to Oboe and to the visitors in your dreams.

cheers, am.

Zhoen said...

It's a wonderful name for a cat. Especially since it came in a dream.

robin andrea said...

A rather auspicious beginning for a beautiful creature.