Wednesday, September 23, 2009




Thanks so much to Nancy from Iowa for the bulbs that produced these brilliant early fall blooms. Crocosmia?


Anonymous said...

oh what a fabulous poem, am. Thank you so much for both of the links to it.

The thing with really good poety is how it works at all levels - descriptive, metaphoric, allusive - really nice.

cheers to you and to the gorgeous saffron yellow of the flower, too.

Dale said...



Anonymous said...

thanks to you and treadway for bringing this poem back as we bask in these blue days before gray. and of course to levertov. kjm

Anonymous said...

I forgot I sent these too. Lovely things--also called montbresia in the floral trade of which i am a reluctant part of...
Took up some of the tomato plants yesterday, but most are still producing as the weather during the day is in the 80's. Picked some eggplant. It is slowly becoming autumn here and I am thinking about relocating the roses. Would you like some of my glad bulbs? Dug they up along with the late great 'Bonny Best' & 'Mountain Pride' tomato plants. 'Black Krim', 'Amana Orange', 'Nebraska Wedding' and 'Roman Candle' still producing like gangbusters. We are awash in heirlooms.

Regards, Nancy

am said...

Nancy -- Thank you for the kind offer of the heirloom glad bulbs, but there's no more room on my porch. Otherwise I would love to have some. I like their names. Hope you are enjoying these September harvest days.