Sunday, September 27, 2009





Anonymous said...

fabulous photos, am - the owl with the headlights on and then with the dimmers :-)

As for the sound, when you're located just right it reverberates inside your rib cage the same way a tree reverberates when a woodpecker is drilling for grubs.

best to you in your neck of the woods.

robin andrea said...

Great photos, am. Owls have always eluded me. I have never photographed one, but I'm hoping my luck will change once we're up in the mountais.

Anonymous said...

what calls at the falls, lovely. have not had the chance to see this here. when i lived in whatcom county, i used to see the snowy owls. and at the nisqually the great horned, but this barred owl is magic. sound had more trill than i would have imagined. thank you. kjm, a friend just told me dylan has added a show at the moore theater in seattle for 10/4, you might check the moore site if it's of interest.

am said...

rlb -- Until you said so, I didn't feel the reverberation. Now I do. Thanks so much!

robin andrea -- Another woman on the trail was the one who saw the owl and pointed it out to me. I was so intrigued by the owl that I almost forgot that I had my digital camera with me!

Seeing the photos of your new backyard, I wouldn't be surprised if you begin to see and hear owls soon.

kjm -- Good to know that you saw snowy owls in Whatcom County. I had a local newspaper clipping of a snowy owl on my wall for years --would love to see one when I'm out walking. sent me an email invitation to buy tickets to the October 4 concert. Because I've been listening to Bob Dylan since I was 14 years old, I certainly was tempted to see him one more time. There was a coincidence involved, too -- the code word for the ticket order was the name of my Irish ancestors from Waterford.

I'm hoping that some of the October 4 concert ends up on YouTube. I think it may be a good one, but I'm not up for going this time.

Janis Joplin died on October 4, 1970. I googled "Janis Joplin" "Bob Dylan" and came up with a video with a soundtrack of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez singing "It Ain't Me Babe," but it gives the impression that Bob Dylan is singing with Janis Joplin. Odd, isn't it?

Dale said...


art farmer said...

am, did you see this at Whatcom Creek on the east side of the stone bridge? I have seen him there sitting right in the middle of a branch over the creek and wondered...also what a coincidence that we'd been visiting "under the owl tree" before you walked there! Those photos are incredible! A few years ago I caught them mating but they were howling like monkeys, and on the ground, so I called my bird friend in Atlanta who played a tape of barred owls mating...pure magic, you seeing and photographing this one!

am said...

art farmer -- The barred owl was on the Whatcom Creek side of the steps that are close to the trestle. Near the Tai Chi practice area!

Now that I think of it, I saw a barred owl once before near the stone bridge. That was soon after the Whatcom Creek explosion in 1999.

I wonder if the one I saw on Sunday was one of the mating pair that you saw and heard. The woman who pointed the owl out to me had seen it fly from the direction of the stone bridge. When it flew away, it was heading north. It was silent.