Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sun Break, Then Astronomical High Tides

We've had high astronomical tides combined with lower than normal atmospheric pressures here. When I went walking with a friend along Bellingham Bay, the salt water had risen so high that one of the viewing benches in Boulevard Park was surrounded by water which also had covered up a section of the South Bay Trail. By the end of our walk, the water had retreated but was still unusually high.

If you've got some time for a lengthy but lively discussion about China, Google and the Internet, read the January 17 and January 20 posts at RConversation.


robin andrea said...

Are there correspondingly low minus tides too? I remember loving the incredible tide changes in the northwest. Not quite as significant here in California. Glad you are getting some sun. We're getting amazing amounts of rain.

am said...

robin andrea -- A quick look at the recent tides doesn't show any minus tides. I'd think that they would go together, too.

Richard's sister, Dorothy, said that there was lightning along with the wind and rain where they live up in the coast hills looking out toward San Gregorio and Pescadero.