Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14, 2010

The first time I ever heard John Prine singing must have been 1974 on Austin City Limits. It was while I was doing dishes in the kitchen. My boyfriend was watching television in living room of the dilapidated rental house we lived in. I was lost in negative thoughts. That wasn't a very good time in my life. I'd made some serious mistakes and couldn't figure out how to remedy them. At first I thought I was hearing Bob Dylan singing, so I ran into the living room, expecting to see Bob Dylan. Nope. It was John Prine.

He didn't sound like Bob Dylan. He sounded like John Prine. It was a happy moment. I wasn't one of those from my generation who had had positive experiences with Illegal Smiles but I loved him and his music otherwise. Still do.



Dawn said...

Love John Prine! My sister introduced me to John's music.
And I really like that black and white shot below of the clouds and the hill.

Dale said...

John Prine saw me through the worst months of my life. I owe him, but I can only stand to listen to him now if I'm feeling good: it brings so much back that's painful.

robin andrea said...

John Prine's music was always a little off my radar. When I heard his voice, I loved it, but I never sought him out. Now, I discover some of the songs I have loved were written by him.

Anonymous said...

first saw prine in performing arts center at wwu. either 71 or 72. saw him later at the fairhaven tavern chumming with friends. it was tuborg and salems back then for john (on stage) glad to see him here and to hear him still.kjm