Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Painting in America/Reconciliation Dream

There's a long puzzling story here, but the drift is that the day after I decided to give away one of my paintings, "Reconciliation Dream," to one of my cousins on my father's side, an old painting of mine titled "Painting in America," appeared next to my front door with a note from someone I have not seen in years, who wrote that she wasn't expecting to see me again but wanted to thank me for giving it to her in 1986, and that it was time for her to let it go and for it to come back to me.

If you would like, take a look at North and South America and another previous post about "Reconciliation Dream."

I've been drawing again in the last few weeks, inspired by the spirit of Suze Rotolo and by Bob Dylan's recent exhibits of drawings and paintings that are clearly a result of his relationship with Suze:

"Her constant sketching inspired him to take up drawing and painting, and some of the songs relating to their relationship were written during a months-long separation while she studied art in Italy."

I've just been bringing my sketchbook with me when I go out, and I have been drawing what is in front of me when I sit down--a form of prayer and meditation. It feels very good to be drawing again just for the joy of it.

"... Oh, ev'ry thought that's strung a knot in my mind,
I might go insane if it couldn't be sprung.
But it's not to stand naked under unknowin' eyes,
It's for myself and my friends my stories are sung ...
(From "Restless Farewell," by Bob Dylan, 1964)

"It's for myself and my friends, these drawings are done."


Anonymous said...

great post, love the sketch pad back in action, love the idea of you 'giving' away a painting. remember mr. kirk in art school saying never 'give away' any of your work. that always stuck sideways, but speaks to my business sense. as for your painting returning to your door, now that's a story. thanks, kjm

Taradharma said...

life is such a mystery. your story of the two paintings is blowing my mind.

Thank you for the link about Suze, much of this was new information for me. She sounds like she had a great life -- a fiercely independent woman. I know some other, older, red diaper babies and they are indeed women to behold. Though not one myself, I did grow up to the music of Guthrie, Seeger, and the like. That music played a big part of who I became and my sensibilities.

Lovely post - I love stopping by your blog and getting juiced.

bev said...

Amazing story about the two paintings. I love seeing sketchbook pages. It seems that you are recharged from you short break. Take care.

Loren said...

Nice to see that you're back to drawing.

All art seems to me to be a way of seeing the world more clearly.