Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Distinguished yet youthful ..."

It's my 62nd birthday today.
I'm keeping it simple, as always.
This made me laugh in delight:

Inside the card, it says:

A look not everyone
can pull off.

Happy Birthday

"Woman With Hands Full," pastel drawing from 1986 by am, inspired by the "Basement Tapes" album cover photograph with Bob Dylan pictured below. Every drawing has to start somewhere...


The Solitary Walker said...


Back now from my Camino, and seeing Dylan soon ...

Dale said...

Happy birthday, happy birthday, dear!

Anonymous said...

HBD, AM, may your world be as good as the one you make for us on this virtual planet. kjm

am said...

It's been a good day. A full day, including a good long walk (-:

Solitary Walker -- Thank you! Looking forward to seeing your pictures and hearing about your Camino as well as the upcoming Dylan concert.

Dale -- Thank you for celebrating with me today!

kjm -- Thank you for your kind wishes!

Taradharma said...

A very Happy Birthday to you! I love the card - I laughed out loud at the photo and the greeting. I want one!

Your pastel is glorious -- even before I saw the title I thought, "a woman with her arms full!" Close. Close.

Best wishes for this 62nd year - keep being inspired and inspiring.

am said...

Taradharma -- Thank you for laughing with me and for your felt sense of my pastel drawing!

And I want to thank you right now for your story about the pennies and the link to the Mysteries of the Penny God. Fascinating. Illuminating. Enlightening. More laughter (-:

Sabine said...

Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day.

am said...

Sabine -- Thank you for being here for my birthday!

bev said...

Happy birthday, am! Loved the card and your pastel painting -it's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

How did I miss your birthday? Sending warm, albeit belated good wishes. Hope all is well there and your 62nd year is a wonderful one.

Loren said...

Sorry I missed your birthday, am.

I sincerely believe people should not be allowed to have important days on weekends, as I seldom manage to find time to go online during the weekends.

Belated best wishes, and here's hoping our next year is the best ever.

am said...

bev -- Thank you, bev! Loved seeing the post with your carving. Will be over there to comment soon.

robin andrea -- All is well here. Just lots going on and not much time for blogging in the past week.
Thank you for your kind birthday wishes!

Loren -- Thank you! Have been enjoying your photos from Malheur and Eastern Oregon, especially the pelicans and the magpie! My art energy seems to be returning as I enter my 63rd year. Did another pencil drawing today.