Friday, November 25, 2011

The day after Thanksgiving 2011 / Walking in the sunshine


Loren said...

It's even clearer there than it was down here at the south end of Puget Sound.

Keep your eyes open for Snowy Owls.

Anonymous said...

yes, loren brings up the great image of the north with the cold winds, miss those snowy owls from my days up there. am, thanks for this blue. lots of ruby leaves at the foot of the trees here. well, before all that raking. kjm

Anonymous said...

Love all that sunshine. Here too. Such a warming brightness.

am said...

Loren -- Thanks for the tip about the Snowy Owls.

kjm -- Love those ruby leaves!

robin andrea -- That day was a sweet one between storms. It felt like coastal Northern California in winter. When I look at the Yosemite webcam, my guess is that I am seeing the daily patterns of your weather. Amazing to be able to see that California winter sunshine on a fairly regular basis via webcam and your blog.