Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gualala memories / Robinson Reef view

Just came across this video.  After my sisters and I grew up, my parents had a house in Gualala, California, for 25 years until my mother's death in 1994.  The first part of the video shows where I used to walk in Gualala Point Regional Park.  It was about a 3-mile walk south from my parent's house to Gualala Beach.  I would see grey whales, pelicans, sea lions, wild flowers, ice plant, crows and ravens, phoebes, rabbits, squirrels, and lizards. Looking at the video footage reminded me how much love I still feel for that landscape and how much I enjoyed visiting with my parents in those years.  I haven't been there since September of 2001.

My sister brought this to my attention:

That is the lot in front of the house my parents used to own.  A two-story house would likely block the splendid view from that small one-story house.  Hard to imagine that someone would buy a lot and build a house that would block the view of their close neighbors in an isolated and sparsely populated coastside community.

On the other hand, that lot was for sale when my parents bought their home in 1970.  Many people must have thought twice about building in front of someone else under those circumstances.


Taradharma said...

those videos remind me of many happy times along the coast south of Carmel. It's a magical place where land and sea meet.

I, too, can't imagine building a 2 story that would block someone's view. But in San Diego, my parent's had their view of the bay blocked by their next door neighbor (who had been in the neighborhood as long as they) and the new home-owner of the house out back. Really made for bad feelings.

Sabine said...

What a beautiful location.
Would you build your house so close to the ocean what with rising sea levels due to climate changes?

Anonymous said...

I was just telling our neighbor the other day how much I miss the ocean and would move back to the coast in a heartbeat. She asked me if I would ever move to Gualala. I had never heard of it, and yes... yes I would!