Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Can't Buy Him Or Her / Remembering my Richard (1949-2008) and Bob Dylan's Suze Rotolo (1943-2011)

Double self-portrait of am and R in early 1971.  R set up the camera.  It had been only a short time since his return from Vietnam. We were walking across a meadow to a small pond to the west of Skyline Boulevard and to the east of Half Moon Bay, California, as the sun set over the Pacific Ocean horizon several miles away.

"... you're the missing verse in my song ..."

"Love waits forever for one and for all"
(Bob Dylan, lyrics from "Beyond the Horizon," from "Modern Times")


Taradharma said...

add to this fine video list John Prine's "In Spite of Ourselves."

What ethereal images of you and R...lovely post, I took time to listen to all the music. Grand.

am said...

Thanks so much for the addition of "In Spite of Ourselves"!

Few people can make laugh in delight the way John Prine can with some of his lyrics.