Saturday, February 22, 2014

Listening / Awake and Alive

Perry McClellan and Judith Gorman read the words of their son Orrin Gorman McClellan who penned these poems while serving with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan in 2005-2006.  Orrin, who struggled with PTSD after returning home, took his own life in 2010.
(Paragraph quoted from here)

Most people have the option of forgetting.  It's a survival thing.  Artists do not have that option, and I think that may of us suffer from hypermnesia, an exceptionally exact and vivid memory and often associated with mental illness, but our whole act of creating ... depends on that memory.  The only way we can get rid of it is to put it down on paper.
(Allen Say)

Train wheels runnin' through the back of my memory.
(Bob Dylan)

I am always doing what I cannot do in order than I may learn from it.

May my silences become more accurate.
(Theodore Roethke)

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Goat said...

Beautiful quote from Mr Picasso, in particular.