Friday, February 7, 2014

The Wild Blue Sky Of Day

Thanks to R. L. Bourges for the inspiration.

Sending all my love to my nephew and his girlfriend who
will be having a baby in May.


Awake and alert
As full and fragmented as the moon
Rising and reflecting
In a western sea
We hear night birds
Singing in the shadows
Mocking darkness
Mocking darkness
The moon asks an impossible question:
Do I control you
Or do you control me
In my circular journey
We ask the moon an impossible question:
Do we control you
Or do you control us
In our cyclical journey
We hear night words
We sing in the shadows
Mocking darkness
Mocking darkness
Imagine us at dawn
A nation of sleepless women with moon and birds
Just above the hills of childhood
Caught between impossible questions
And the wild blue sky of day.


Babies are like us
Except when they smile
Their eyes are so clear
They can see everything we have forgotten
At first they have nothing to say
We draw their attention
Away from holy light
To clocks and alphabets
Words like parallelogram
Make them laugh
They can’t tell time from applesauce
Yet they store words
With smooth stones and skinned knees
No one really knows where they come from
Or where they go
They would put the sun
In their mouths
If they could reach that high
Not knowing who we are
Still they trust us
We impress them
With our brave words
Our clever clocks

(poems and drawing, "The Wild Blue Sky of Day," by am from the early 1980s)


Anonymous said...

Really beautiful poems.

The Solitary Walker said...

Oh, yes, absolutely beautiful! Breathtaking. So, so good. Thanks, Am.

Rubye Jack said...

The impossible question -- so true. These are great Am.

am said...

robin andrea, Solitary Walker and Rubye Jack --
Thank you!