Sunday, July 19, 2015

"How Raven Accidentally Wiped Out The Dinosaurs"

Take a look at the work of Alison Bremner who is Tlingit. Be sure to read the descriptions of each of her pieces. One of her drums won first prize in the Bellingham National Art Exhibition & Awards. Scroll down to see "Potlatch Ban."

After visiting the Whatcom Museum, I headed over to the hospital gift shop to find an animal toy to give as a gift to a baby who is due to be born any day now. I found just the right gift for the baby

and then found myself laughing out loud with a Tyranosaurus Rex which now sits at my work table in my music chair when I am not sitting there. One of the people in the gift shop referred to it as a crocodile, but it is clearly a Tyranosaurus Rex.

The light was unusually welcoming when I  entered my tiny living room early this morning and discovered Alison Bremner's webpage and smiled to see the Tyranosaurus Rex looking up at my Bob Dylan songbook.

"... I catch dinosaurs ..." (Bob Dylan, 1963, lyrics from "I Shall Be Free" on "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan")

"Cat Lady," by Alison Bremner:


Tara said...

That is one stunning view out your windows. Paradise. I love your lil' T-Rex, holding down the fort while you are a'sleepin'.

Your knowledge of Dylan amazes me. Encyclopedic. Something for every occasion.

bev said...

Enjoyed looking at Alison Bremner's website. Yes, the Potlatch piece is a powerful reminder of just one of many terrible actions there were taken in an effort to destroy first nations culture. When I studied NA native art at Carleton U. many years ago, my professor invited her friend and colleague, Aldona Jonaitis, to come and speak to our graduate student class. She was very involved in repatriation of several potlatch masks to one of the West Coast nations. It was interesting to see that, in spite of the absence of the masks (they had been spirited off to a vault at the Smithsonian many decades before), the people still knew and sang the songs for each of the masks. Their own secret form of resistance.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing your t-rex sitting in the chair there. A wonderful companion!

bev said...

I love the clouds in your blog header. What a beautiful skyscape!

Anonymous said...

I heard a radio programme the other day claiming that T Rex probably had a few feathers (as eyebrows perhaps?) here and there, much as we have hair on a few parts of our body.

Interesting that dinosaurs pop up here - what with our musings on time (over on my blog). It's hard not to think of asteroids/meteorites these days when thinking of them - it's strange to think of them inhabiting a world for millions of years, during which a human intelligence (had there been anything comparable then) would have simply thought of the "dinosaur world" stretching backwards and forwards in time effectively for ever.