Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What I Saw When I Looked Up

The day lilies on my porch and a person with a bike on the trail across the cattail pond:

The Shasta daisies on my porch (reminding me of palm trees on what was a hot summer evening) and the full moon rising:

Buffy Sainte-Marie saying that life is precious, diverse and worth protecting and saying so many other heartening things I needed to hear this morning:

Woman Looking Up (Rembrandt pastels on paper, 1984, by am):


The Solitary Walker said...

Just catching up on some of your recent posts, Amanda. Much to sustain... Your anecdote about the man smashing the guitar was curious. I saw Van Morrison do that once when he came off stage. These brief glimpses of half-stories are so much part of our observational lives. And you observe them with more clarity than most.

am said...

Robert -- Thank you for your kind words. I can say the same for you and your stories. Hmmm .... Van Morrison smashed a guitar, too.

More was added to the half-story yesterday as I was giving an elderly (more elderly than I am!) neighbor a ride home from the community co-op grocery store. She is strong and healthy and doesn't have a car and gets around quite well on public transportation, usually carrying her bags of groceries from the grocery store to the bus station, unless she sees someone she knows at the grocery store, at which point she asks for a ride home. We came to the street corner where the guitar had been smashed, and I noticed that one section of the side of the guitar's lower body was still sitting there on the sidewalk. When I mentioned to my neighbor who is in her 80s what I had witnessed a few days ago, she laughed ruefully and said, "Jimi Hendrix."

Anonymous said...

Love these photos. I see the palm trees in the shasta daisies too. A wonderful image.

am said...

robin andrea -- Thank you!