Tuesday, November 10, 2015

馬 Horse

Early this morning I finished "Mandala #14:  Horse."

As I was finishing it, I remembered the horse I drew when I was 5 years old:


bev said...

Beautiful mandala and what a horse drawing from your youth! I loved to draw horses when I was young and still return to drawing them as a sort of warm-up when I sit down with a pen or pencil.

am said...

Thank you, bev! I've been taking a yoga class that is 30 minutes away from Bellingham. On my way out and back, I see horses in the fields and remember what a huge part they played in my life up until my last year of high school. If my memory serves me well, you and Don had horses.

Anonymous said...

Love the horse mandala. And it is so cool that you have a drawing from so long ago. A lovely continuity.