Monday, November 16, 2015

"... That's what I believe in."

I don’t believe in magic. I believe in the sun and the stars, the water, the tides, the floods, the owls, the hawks flying, the river running, the wind talking. They’re measurements. They tell us how healthy things are. How healthy we are. Because we and they are the same. That’s what I believe in. 

(Billy Frank, Jr.)


Anonymous said...

That's what I believe in too. Thank you for posting this quote.

Sabine said...

And then they tell us that they - and we - are no longer healthy. What do we do now?

am said...

robin andrea -- You're welcome. I'm grateful to our local newspaper for posting that video where the young Nooksack man, Nathaniel Smith, who is related to Billy Frank, Jr., spoke for his people and continues to give me hope for all of us.

Sabine -- Thank you for that question. I needed to hear that question. My mind became very quiet for a long time. What do we do now? I can only speak for myself. What I'd like to do now is be like that father in France who told his son about the power of doing what we can and to be like Nathaniel Smith, the young Nooksack man, who spoke from the same place of hope for the future. His message today is my blog post. Among my teachers (although they do not know it) are the indigenous people of the Americas who have survived despite all odds and have been witnesses to centuries of wars and devastation. To this day, an inordinate number of their children commit suicide and suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction. In the face of that Nathaniel writes, inspired by Billy Frank, Jr.:

"There is no obstacle that I cannot overcome to save my people; for I will forever be a slave to the needs of the children. I love you all, to all my people."

Everyone has to answer your question for themselves. This is just my answer.

dritanje said...

'....Because we and they are the same.' Yes, we are.