Thursday, March 30, 2017

"15,000 Years Later"

1.  Nikki McClure's paper cut:  15,000 Years Later.

2.  Coast Redwood seedling on my porch.  Ordered on-line from Trees of Mystery in Klamath, California.  Arrived in my mailbox on St. Patrick's Day.  Planted in memory of my father who died on St. Patrick's Day in 2003.  I hope that my seedling lives 2,000 years, if not 50,000.  The three redwood seeds that I planted in December did not sprout, but I have followed my intuition as did the man in my dream from last December.

3.  "Another, more beautiful America is arising ..." (Rebecca Solnit)


Anonymous said...

I love your commitment to the future, to love, to a forested earth, to life itself.

Tara said...

I read the Guardian on a regular basis, and I also love the article where Guardian readers write about what gives them hope. Sometimes in my grief, I forget all the very good things that people are doing.

I, too, hold hopes for your little tree. Wouldn't it be great if lived to a ripe old age? A little piece of you will remain on the planet long after you are gone.

beth coyote said...

Love your tree. I've planted several trees at my new house overlooking a green belt full of trees. The dogwood has blossoms, the styrax is faithfully leafing out and the red leaf maple is twice and tall as when I planted it. I feel so blessed to be the guardian of my tiny patch of Earth, worms, dirt, trees and all.