Friday, March 10, 2017

From Stardust to Political World and The Neverending Tour

This morning I received an email from with "Stardust" from "Triplicate," the three CD set that Bob Dylan is releasing this month.  Immediately following "Stardust" on YouTube was "Political World."

John Goodman said,  "Just working with him, because if you try to read anything into him or try to interpret anything but just face value, you could get yourself in trouble."

For the first time since was 14 years old, I will not be buying Bob Dylan's latest offering because I really can't afford it.  However, I will listen to the copy that our public library will inevitably purchase for its collection.

Just finished reading The Neverending Story, by Michael Ende, translated from German.  Timely.  A friend had recommended it. Otherwise I never would have read it.  Why?  It was too popular. However, I did wonder if there was a connection between the book and Bob Dylan's Neverending Tour.

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