Monday, January 7, 2019

If Sadako Sasaki were still alive, she would be 76 years old today / Synchronicity

Last night just before I went to sleep was my first attempt to make an origami crane in many years.  The crane was the 13th and the most difficult in a series of progressively difficult paper foldings that I began by making a yellow boat on Christmas Day, with the idea of attempting one folding each day.

My first attempt at folding the crane wasn't quite right, but it was close.  I was tired.  I photographed it and went to sleep.

Early this morning I learned that today, January 7, would have been the 76th birthday of Sadako Sasaki.

Just now, I made a second attempt and was successful.

Sadako Sasaki


Tara said...

Today, January 7, is also my daughter's birthday -- 31 y.o.

Your oragami is fascinating -- I've never tried it and it's always astounding me as a technique, a practice, an art form. Good on you! Looking forward to seeing the next few on your list.

Anonymous said...

I love that origami crane. We have two cranes that were made for Roger during his chemo treatments almost a decade ago. We love them so much. You make me want to try origami. So beautiful in every way.

37paddington said...

Cranes are symbols of peace, so needed now. Love.

ellen abbott said...

I learned how to make the crane when I was a kid. I think I could still do it from memory but it's been a long time since I last tried. yours look pretty good. did you pull the tail to make the wings flap?

am said...

ellen abbott -- Interesting about pulling the tail. It only makes the wings flap on the first one I made, which I thought I had done incorrectly (-:

I was looking on YouTube for video instructions for cranes and found that there are at least two ways to make cranes. Looks like I inadvertently made two types of cranes!