Friday, May 3, 2019

Calling all birders (this is part of the story I will be telling mostly in pictures)

A dear friend I have known for 52 years died unexpectedly in late February in Cambria, California.  While accomplishing the major task of settling her estate, her sister and brother-in-law have been staying at the lovely dream house she had bought not far from where she had owned a home in Cambria in recent years.  She was all ready to move in when her death came.  Yesterday a bird began flying at two windows, seemingly trying to get in the house.  Her sister sent me these three videos.  Do any of you have any idea what kind of bird this is?  I am wondering if it is a type of flycatcher.

Three days after my mother died in 1994, a Black Phoebe appeared in a similar manner at my parents' house in Gualala, California.

Before and since then I have heard story after story of a bird appearing after the death of a loved one.  When the husband of my friend of 52 years was dying of ALS in 1989, he told her that he would appear to her as a Baltimore oriole after his death.  A pair of Baltimore orioles appeared in her yard after his death and built a nest and soon there were fledglings.

Here I am, finding that I do have something to write.  I am still gathering photos to celebrate the life of my friend whose death shook me to the core and whose friendship I have treasured since we met in college in 1967.

Here is the view of the backyard of her dream house:

She loved the music of Laura Nyro and Nina Simone:

Update:  Here is a screen shot of a just-received video of the mystery bird:


Sabine said...

This is so close to my heart. You know how I feel about birds coming to see me.

I wish I could tell you what kind of bird this is but I have no idea. But I am sure there is a connection to your friend. And I hope this offers you comfort and eases the loss of your close friend.

beth coyote said...

I'm about to visit my friend of 45 years...the time, where did it go. We were young mothers together.

My life so far said...

What a lovely little bird. I'm sorry you lost a friend but I'm glad you two were friends for such a long time.

ellen abbott said...

every spring when the weather allows I leave the doors open and every year at least one wren comes in.

37paddington said...

I am so sorry for your loss. How sad that she did not get the chance to move into the home she had chosen. 52 years of friendship is a rich blessing. Love.