Monday, January 20, 2020

Flowers and winter light for Martin Luther King Day 2020

"... On February 22, Mrs. King and I journeyed down to a city in India called Trivandrum. Then we went from Trivandrum down to a point known as Cape Comorin. This is where the mass of India ends and the vast rolling waters of the ocean have their beginning. It is one of the most beautiful parts of all the world. Three great bodies of water meet together in all of their majestic splendor: the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean.
I remember how we went out there and looked at the big old rocks, a sight that was truly incredible, out into the waters, out into the ocean. Seated on a huge rock that slightly protruded into the ocean, we were enthralled by the vastness of the ocean and its terrifying immensities. We looked at the waves of those great bodies of water as they unfolded in almost rhythmic suspension. As the waves crashed against the base of the rock on which we were seated, an oceanic music brought sweetness to the ear. To the west we saw the magnificent sun, a red cosmic ball of fire, appear to sink into the very ocean itself. Just as it was almost lost from sight, Coretta touched me and said, "Look, Martin, isn't that beautiful!" I looked around and saw the moon, another ball of scintillating beauty. As the sun appeared to be sinking into the ocean, the moon appeared to be rising from the ocean. When the sun finally passed completely beyond sight, darkness engulfed the earth, but in the east the radiant light of the rising moon shone supreme ..."
For those who expressed interest in David Riley's blog last February, a friend of his left a comment today letting us know that The Endless Further, which was not accessible after David's death, is now available,

A peaceful moment on a snowy day last week, with Oboe sleeping in her fleece bed:


Anonymous said...

I loved reading the quote and getting a true sense of MLK's love of that ocean, that setting sun, that rising moon. Beautiful. It's lovely to see your home, your art, the colors there. A truly serene scene.

Sabine said...

How great to read that MLK was at the Indian Ocean - which for me is a magical body of water with a different smell and surf and energy than any of the other oceans I have been to.

Lovely contrast between the red flowering amaryllis and snow.

37paddington said...

Now that's a room worthy of the art made in it. It has such a peaceful, creative vibe.

Tara said...

Beautiful photos of flowers, and your wonderful creative home. Love the quote, too, I never knew he was there.

I've also been looking in on the blog you linked here and find it very interesting. Thanks for that.